Excellence in architecting and implementing meteorological decision support systems.

Certified Consulting Meteorological work including Research and Expert testimony.


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Our Solutions

HydroMet Decision Support System (HDSS)

A cutting-edge suite of meteorological algorithms, tools, and displays that integrates with your existing system to provide better informed decision making in both real-time and forecasting situations.

Mesoscale Analysis & Prediction Support System (MAPSS)

A complete operational mesoscale NWP turnkey system solution built upon the state-of-the-science Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model that provides customized forecasts and assimilation of available local datasets.

Skycast Wind & Thermodynamic Profiling System (WTPS)

WTPS includes profiling instrumentation, algorithms, and display systems to provide real-time weather monitoring at airports and provide forecasters and operational users with the critical information they need to make informed decisions regarding hazardous weather conditions that impact safe flight and ground operations.

Lightning Decision Support System (LDSS)

A system that uses data from lightning detection networks and provides users with automated alerts regarding assets that will be impacted by lightning activity.

Launch Weather Decision Support Systems (LWDSS)

LWDSS provides launch ranges and spaceports with meteorological instrumentation and decision support tools for staff meteorologists and non-meteorological users to enhance launch safety and reduce weather related mission scrubs.

Meteorological Consultation on Legal Matters

The WDSS CEO is part of a network of Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM) who are approved by the American Meteorological Society to provide research, reports, and testimony related to legal cases involving weather.

Why Us?

International weather service and airport agencies are constantly looking to update and modernize their meteorological facilities to provide the most informed forecast services possible to their customers and the public.  WDSS brings over 30 years of meteorological and aviation experience to provide diverse, full-service, turnkey solutions for our clientele.  We have extensive experience developing and delivering complex meteorological systems that include weather radars, wind profilers, radiometers, surface stations, hazardous weather detection and prediction algorithms, numerical modeling systems, and forecaster displays.

Our extensive network and exclusive partnerships allow us access to instrumentation and expertise that few other companies can offer.  No matter your industry or needs, we can partner with you to design a meteorological system that integrates with your existing infrastructure, providing you with the data you need to serve your public, governmental, and internal needs.

WDSS has also performed extensive work in the field of weather reconstruction of events pertaining to legal cases in which weather played a key role in litigation. These events have included a very diverse set of cases including hail, wind, and flood damage cases to fatality accident cases related to numerous different weather conditions. WDSS can provide research, reports, and testimony related to a number of meteorological expertise areas. WDSS has a large network of other Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM) and if your particular case is out of our areas of expertise, we will be able to find a CCM you can work with.

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      Cape Canaveral Florida

      Cape Canaveral Florida

      LWDSS at Cape Canveral has provided launch support for several years. LWDSS at the Cape consists of wind profilers and a radiometer. Data from these instruments are provided to NASA meteorologists and other spacecraft and launch provision companies that operate at the...

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