HydroMet Decision Support System (HDSS)

HDSS integrates combines your existing meteorological data with WDSS’ unique hydrometeorological system information to provide users with the data and products necessary to make informed, real-time decisions. HDSS’ nowcasting and NWP models are utilized across a variety of weather phenomena, such as flash flooding, severe storms, water resource management, heavy rainfall events, and winter snow and ice events. Integration is performed using a multitude of sources including data from existing and new instrumentation.

HDSS is a fully customizable platform that can be adapted to your specific needs and is deployed as a custom turnkey system. . HDSS integrates your existing hydromet information (e.g., weather radar data, surface station networks, basin information and critical flood thresholds) with unique precipitation estimation and nowcasting applications. This allows personnel to not only forecast significant meteorological events giving them the tools needed to better inform their staff, customers, and general public of hazardous weather events.

Customized forecaster workstations and web based displays are available. Through partners WDSS can also provide hydrological model installations.

Algorithm Processing and Outputs

  • Radar Data Quality Control
  • Radar Mosaics
  • Storm Tracking and Characteristics
  • Radar Rainfall Estimation (QPE)
  • Gauge Corrected QPE
  • Future Rainfall: 5 mins out to 4 hrs (QPF)
  • Basin-Averaged and Gridded Data
  • Flash Flood Prediction and Alerts
  • Numerical Weather Prediction fields out to several days in advance
  • Lightning activity nowcasts

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