Legal Consulting

WDSS International’s CEO and Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) Bill Conway has performed research and provided testimony on legal cases in which reconstruction of weather conditions was required. Bill Conway’s experience spans a diverse set of cases, from weather-caused fatalities, property damage, and reconstruction of weather conditions; a more detailed list and examples of case studies are provided below.

WDSS is a member of the Association of Certified Meteorologists and also has access to the University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology/National Weather Center faculty and senior technical staff if needed to provide their expertise and support when necessary.

Cases that bill conway has consulted on:

  • Determination of the presence of hail in building damage (multiple cases).
  • Determination of the presence of lightning in building damage.
  • Determination of weather conditions involving pesticide drift and crop damage.
  • Determination of maximum wind velocity at location during hurricane.
  • Downed power lines due to thunderstorm winds causing fire and destroying the building of a national restaurant chain.
  • Downed power lines due to thunderstorm winds causing damage to an irrigation system.
  • Downed power lines resulting in large wildfire and loss of property and livestock.
  • Fatality vehicle accident involving winter weather.
  • Fatality vehicle accident involving overturned semi truck due to thunderstorm winds.
  • Fatality vehicle accident involving the presence of fog.
  • Fatality accident involving downed trees on scout camp.
  • Injury accident involving skydiving.

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